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Series: Using the Pletatest Method on: Two of 2016's top Phones (part 1)



We all know that there are some topics you don’t talk about with people you want to keep as friends. Politics, Religion; and of course Apple vs Android.  So we figured what better place to bring up a controversial subject than the internet, the place where everyone goes to discuss topics in a polite and neutral manner.  Did you catch the sarcasm in that one? 


Here at Pletatest we believe the best way to learn the pros and cons of something is to dive right in. We decided to take a similar approach to the topic of mobile operating systems.  The purpose of this series is not to convince you to use one operating system or another.  Chances are you have already made that decision.  Rather we plan to dissect and analyze the discussion of Android vs iOS in a neutral and honest manner so that each side can understand the other.


Over the years, a number have phones have crossed my desk, and have spent more than a few weeks in my pocket.  I don’t think there is such a thing as a perfect phone and I firmly believe that each person should use a whatever device best suits their needs.  Over the years I’ve had multiple generations of iPhone, and Android phones from just about all the major US manufacturers.  My two current devices are two of the most popular flagships for 2016, the Samsung Galaxy s7 and the iPhone 7.  For this series we plan to take a deep dive into things like: Operating Systems/User Experience, Hardware /Accessories, and lastly Cloud Storage/Apps.  Throughout the series I’ll also discuss some of the most common reasons why people refuse to switch from one operating system to the other.  If you are interested in reading stay tuned over the next few weeks as the series develops.  Also, if you’d like to see me analyze a particular feature of these two devices please feel free to drop us a line and I’ll try to dive into that topic as well. 

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