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Barbarians: The Invasion

March 19, 2017

Welcome to Fenian! 


Ravaged by the Barbarian horde, Fenian is the site of a full scale Barbarian invasion. As one of the two to four Barbarian warlords, how will you lead your people through the fray and to dominance? Will you employ wisdom and cunning or brute force and might?


There can be only one true victor of the Barbarian invasion!


In Barbarians: The Invasion lead a Barbarian clan, with the goal of conquering as much territory as possible before a particular round ends. Your ultimate goal is to rise your clan in power and there are a number of methods to reach this goal. The traditional route, of course, is one of straightforward conquest and battling through the land of Fenian. Perhaps, as a more enlightened soul, you will take your clan down the path of wisdom and knowledge by dedicating your resources to construction. Maybe you will choose to simply curry and rely on favors from the war chiefs and the gods.


To win Barbarians: the Invasion you will need to expand your territory by simultaneously conquering other clans, maintaining your assets and economy and gaining favors from the gods. While engaging in open conflict with your fellow Barbarians is not a feature of this game, you will prevail over your enemies by earning the most points through our the game. In order to be the ultimate conqueror with the most points, you will need to throw the proverbial monkey wrench in your opponents' plans whenever you can to get ahead.


You do this through use of "The Wheel" - a unique mechanic in this worker placement game. Resources, knowledge points, cards, buildings and opportunities to fight are granted and taken away by The Wheel, so strategy is key to your success. Keep your strategy a secret, or your fellow clan leaders will use The Wheel to their advantage and your detriment. 


In the end, all that matters is not what your enemies have done, but that your clan is the greatest in all Fenian. The paths to victory intersect, diverge and change each time you sit down for a game of Barbarians: The Invasion, leading to many adventures in the land of Fenian.


To get a copy of Barbarians: the Invasion, keep an eye out for their upcoming Kickstarter campaign. 







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