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PletaEscape: Cipher Seeker - Framed!

March 7, 2017

The Pletatest Escape the Room division which has been dubbed PletaEscape ventured over to

Cipher Seeker, a local escape room here in Waldwick, New Jersey for an evening of puzzles, clues, and head scratching.


In this series, we will consider 3 main aspects pertaining to an escape room: Staff, Theatrics, Puzzles. 


- This is a spoiler free Article/Review so please read without fear of ruining your own escape. - 



First and foremost, let me say that the staff over at Cipher Seeker were great at engaging you in the experience of your upcoming adventure.


Rather than just walking you to the room and locking you in the staff were polite and courteous and answered the questions that our 2 new players had. After everything was all said and done, they even answered some of our technical questions as to the setup of some of the puzzles.


All in all you can tell that the staff have a passion for escape the room experiences and really love seeing others escape their room.



The escape we did was entitled, "Framed". The setup of which as described on the website is

"You’ve been framed for murder. Search the crime scene to prove you are innocent." To escape successfully, you need to determine who committed the murder, how and what what their motive. 


Cipher Seeker did a good job at presenting a crime scene without immediately giving anything away as to motive or method. The stage was well set to make you feel as if you had really entered a crime scene in someone's home. If you need a helpful hint, they are delivered to you over a "police blotter" and the scene is topped off with crime scene tape. 



From the get go the room engages you with various objects and several clues that don't leave you lost scratching your head in bewilderment without direction but they will need to be used in an appropriate way in order to aide in your solving of the crime and your escape.


The puzzles and clues in the escape are both intelligently and carefully designed many of the mechanics in this were well thought out and encouraged abstract thought and rewarded thoroughness. 




The PletaEscape team was able to escape this room in just about 45 minutes. From our perspective, this was a  challenging yet attainable room for any who attempt it.


Teamwork and quick communication are a must to solve these so keep talking and don't take anything for granted or you will quickly find yourself Framed!


Due to the subject matter and theme of the Framed room, discretion is advised for those with young children. Cipher Seeker has other rooms that are appropriate, fun and challenging for those of any age.


We look forward to trying out these rooms and providing future reviews of those!




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