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February 25, 2017



The Pletatest Synopsis:


Creator: Noel Gussen

Players: 2-4


Time: 5-30 min


Ding Ding Ding! Recently we sat down with the Creator of DECKFIGHTERS Noel Gussen 

And got to experience first hand the fantastic game of DECKFIGHTERS.


DECKFIGHTERS plays out as a 1v1 heads up fight  or a bare knuckle group brawl .


At first sight the Box is wonderfully designed giving you the essentials of of what is contained and who the game is meant for


The rules card contains the core rules of the game being expertly explained without the addition needless text while the other side doubles as the active fighter card so as to not lose track of who’s turn it is


One of my favorite things about the rules card is that it can be read in just a few minutes however even without that you can get an understanding of the game thru the actual cards themselves


As each card has the rules or qualifiers for what allows or disallows a given card from being played in a fight even going so far as to contain a color code to assist players further.


But enough about the Rules! Let get down to the nitty gritty and Fight!


Players take turns as the aggressor while the remaining players are on the defensive.


After the Cards are dealt out each player's hand being 5 card which are refilled after each combat encounter,


The beauty of the of DECKFIGHTERS however is that just like in a real fight you might want to dance around abit and exchange some cards out looking for a better opening or perhaps you are flush with counter and takedown cards that act well in response to another player's actions                                                                   


In my first experience with DECKFIGHTERS I can honestly say there were butterflies as all the possibilities became reality and once i had my cards in hand i hunkered down and made a plan


But like Mike Tyson famously said "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."

And out the window my plan went as soon as i got hit for half my health in the first round i thought i was prepared “Que rocky training montage and eye of the tiger “


But alas i attempted to counter yet after looking at my cards i realized i had a counter to everything but what my one opponent had hit me with defenseless to his assault i took the damage and sat there reeling


Aside from the physical pain my imaginary fighter must have been experiencing at this time DECKFIGHTERS Encourages players to get into character and let the insults fly to really get into the feel of the game.


The next few rounds saw players knocked out in glorious fashion! I was knocked out by one of the K.O cards on which i found myself on the wrong side of.


The last 2 players got into a good old fashion slug match each playing cards that brought the closer and closer to its last knock out and then suddenly boom a player plays an undefendable combo of cards and DING DING DING we had a winner!


DECKFIGHTERS truly gives you the exhilaration of a real MMA bout minus the concussions and bloody knuckles.


But can deck fighters go the rounds? And earn a spot on your shelf?


The Replayability level of DECKFIGHTERS is ridiculously high as you can house rule many of the options in the fight , one such rule was described as a stand up fight which removes all the takedown cards and has the players slug it out ,


Also the potential for expansions to further customize your DECKFIGHTERS experience intrigues us greatly here at Pletatest.


If you have the chance to definitely pick up a copy of DECKFIGHTERS to throw down with some friends before the next pay per view event to really get into the swing of things before and after or maybe in between rounds.


You can check out the DECKFIGHTERS website at http://deckfighters.com/


Be sure to Follow us on the platforms below in order to stay up to date on all things Pletatest!










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