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XYZ Division: A New Breed of Wargaming

March 2, 2017


For most, the term "Wargaming" raises an eyebrow. If you're like me, it's something that you were interested in but maybe the upfront costs cast too great a fog of war, filled with all new units you have to buy each season of play.


However, that fog of war is clearing and through it we find folks over at XYZ Division and their exciting project that will breathe new life into the world of wargaming!


Read our interview with XYZ Division below.



1. What moved you to create XYZ Division?


There are a number of reasons that led to the creation of XYZ Division. As a team we felt that there was a lack of innovation in the industry, current models don’t change a great deal yet the cost to purchase often increases. Building a tabletop army that every year needs new additions due to rule changes was also a massive pet hate of ours. As gamers we started to feel like we were not really valued by the larger wargaming corporations and were just a number on a sales projection sheet, we felt that it was time for a change and that's when XYZ Division was created.


2. How does XYZ Division differ from other war game platforms?


XYZ Division differs in quite a few ways. Not only can the basic game be 3d printed for free, for the first time ever gamers will be able to scour our unique online library, searching for models to print and battle with, some with some great customisable options which are only going to get bigger and better in the future. We also really want to hear the players views on the gameplay as well as the models we deliver… ensuring that the XYZ Division gaming community feels listen too and valued is one of our top priorities.


3. Why did you choose to go free to play with the 3D Printing Models?


It was a very easy decision. We basically want to make XYZ Division as accessible as possible and open to everyone. We often found when we introduced our friends to wargaming that the cost associated with it put them off. I mean on top of the figurines you have the paint consumables costs and then all the little extras such as scenery, terrain, flock etc.. By offering a free 3d printable game that only costs the raw materials used to create our models we can eliminate a proportion of the high costs involved.


4. What are your favorite aspects of XYZ Division Wargame?


My personal favorite aspect is the uniqueness of the Kathelka Stones and the fact that playing with different stones can unlock squads (units) extraordinary or exceptional acts which can cause havoc and devastation on the battlefield. The fact that new stones can be uploaded at random online and in limited numbers also adds an extra dimension to the game!



5. Which 3D printer would you recommend to use to print the parts for XYZ Division?


There are several awesome printers already and the price is consistently decreasing. You can pick up a cube 3 printer which can print at 70 microns resolution for $150, add a $20 1kg spool and you can probably print just under half of our scenic models, which compared to the price you would pay in the stores is a steal. We realize that consumer 3D printing is still in its infancy and not everyone will have access to one, the great thing is that if you don’t have a 3D printed, you can still play XYZ Division by uploading the model to a 3D printing bureau like Shapeways and Sculpeto who will print it out and deliver it to you at a low cost.


6. Do you have a favorite miniature ?


This is a tough one, It's either one of our Kickstarter exclusive models called ‘The Cleansed’ The dude is just bad ass, or ‘Supreme Czar Ariza’ the detail on her is pretty phenomenal and she is just a great miniature to look at, plus they both have some pretty tasty exceptional Acts!


7. Was there a miniature that got banned during your testing?


There were a number of miniatures that had to be reworked during our early days and even some that we have had to shelve for the time being. We created this kickass samurai wheeling figurine which looked incredible but our models need to be robust for everyday and long term use and even though 3d printing allows us to create virtually any miniature this guy couldn’t withstand the heavy usage due to the delicate parts. With resins continually get stronger we are hopeful that we will be able to release him in the not to distant future. I suppose the best part of 3D printing is that even if you break your model beyond repair, you can just print out a new one there and then.


8. Will users have the ability to make submissions to the XYZ Community?


Absolutely. We want XYZ Division to be a community driven game! Uploads are encouraged and even rewarded… more details will be revealed later on down the line!


9. Do you have a favorite book, movie or hobby outside of miniatures?


I personally can't say I’m much of a book reader but I do love all types of movies but mainly the Sci-Fi genre, they are great for getting inspiration. Luckily we are very fortunate as everyone in the team has different tastes which comes in very handy when we are brainstorming ideas for new faction models and story lines.





10. Are there any upcoming events that users can check out XYZ in action?


We haven’t got any events currently scheduled, but are hopeful of getting some events penned in nearer our official launch if successful on Kickstarter.


11. Will XYZ Division be our only hope when the robot overlords use 3D printing to conquer the world?


Haha hopefully… Maybe by then XYZ Division will have hit another level, letting people print out full human scale models with robotic insides which they can control via VR to fight in the arenas!


XYZ Division will be launching their Kickstarter soon so keep an eye out for them here and on Kickstarter!


We will be following the progress of XYZ Division

as they bring new players to the fantastic world of wargaming on a tabletop near you.



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