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Subterfuge - High Strategy Below the Seas.

January 16, 2017



This week received an invitation from a friend to play Subterfuge.

What is Subterfuge you ask well if this game hasn't showed up on your radar yet send out a ping and check it out. 



Subterfuge is described as A week-long game of strategy and diplomacy which plays out in real-time over the course of a week or more


Rather than forcing players to constantly log in order to maintain their fleets and diagnose their situation, issue or modify orders, and engage their fellow players in diplomacy and subterfuge, players can maintain their fleets with just a few swipes throughout the day and respond to messages in a snap.


While a new player will enjoy themselves knowing just the basics, in order to dominate your enemies you will need to master both strategy and diplomacy to earn your victory.


Below are my notes from my captains chair as events played out over the week.


I was intrigued about how a week-long game would play out. As you can see below, each day brought new and interesting experiences


Day 1:  Initially, I started building alliances and found myself safely in a 4-person alliance and 1 non-aggression pact that being said i find that the alliance shall quickly breakdown.


Day 2 & 3: Intrigue started to build as the alliances tried to jockey for position around the board claiming factories and generators whilst growing their sub fleets and recruiting Specialists to lead their fleets into the fray.


Day 4: One of my alliances came to a quick end when one of my ally's queen was caught in transit by a sub fleet headed up by a pirate. With their queen gone, my ally then flipped on our alliance and aided our enemies fleet. 


Day 5: The alliance was still reeling from this betrayal. The desire for justice motivated us to seek out retribution against our turncoat ally and to rise up against one of the stronger players in the game.


Day 6: The alliance attempted many failed assaults against the base. Even if we did defeat the current enemy, we knew that all too soon that we'd have to betray each other in short order.


Day 7: The final day brought glorious battle. Massive sub fleets jockeyed and smashed into one another, but time was quickly running out as my former ally now turned enemy slipped into the lead through his Neptunium mining efforts and was able to snatch victory from my grasp.


Now if you enjoy territory and resource control games that have an element of sudden but inevitable betrayal then you and your friends will enjoy subterfuge.


The game plays out in real-time which is rather convenient for those who have jobs and can't worry about if they're getting attacked while at work or sleeping  


Subterfuge allows you to queue up commands so that actions can take place automatically, what that? your sub-fleets are linking up at 3am but need to attack the enemy base before their reinforcements arrive? No problem fast forward time and que up that action and enjoy a night's sleep.


The game has deep strategy elements that are aided by the Specialist that can turn the tide in what may seem like a hopeless battle. Even more so the social element of the game creates a huge unknown element to the game which usually hits the the chat line as:


“Hey man why are you sending subs to my base? Are you going to gift them? Please gift them.”


Alliances are fluid and temporary at best in this game of wits and bluffs which creates a very authentic feel to the game.


Subterfuge is definitely worth checking out with a few friends or join a random online game for even more of a challenge.


Be sure to check out the game site and forums over at subterfuge-game.com

Here are links below to sign up and download this fantastic game.

Android: Download

Apple: Download


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