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Back In The Day

January 14, 2017

Remember that game you played a few years back?


Remember how good it was even though the graphics weren't that great or maybe there weren't any mods for it


Suffice it to say the memories of those games still have a hold on us, even though we haven’t logged into our accounts for years or maybe you only visit it during throwback weekends with friend.


Sometimes, though, a rare game comes along that we truly fall in love with and becomes woven into the fabric of our life.


Sadly, though, all good thing must come to an end. Recently the creators of  Asheron’s Call  announced that their servers will be closing on January 31st, 2017.


Honestly, one of my first gaming memories was flipping through a gaming magazine and seeing an article explaining all the amazing things that were planned out for Asheron's Call.


To see the truly heart warming effect that a game and its community can have on an individual, check out the video below:




This video perfectly embodies the feeling that many gamers have when their beloved games head to the big server rack in the sky.



With that in mind keep an eye out for the series that we will be a recurring feature here on Pletatest called “Back in the Day”.


If you would like to suggest a game for us to revisit in this series, please email us at pletatest@gmail.com


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