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The Metamorphica - Upping Your Battles One Roll At A Time.

January 6, 2017


The adventures were tired and their skills and tactics honed after weeks of encounters with whelps, basilisks and other denizens of the fantasy realms.


Having sharpened their teeth on the standard fair the DM could throw at them the party dove at full speed “while checking for traps along the way” and after vanquishing the measly spiders that lie in their way of their ultimate prize and as the hero's re-sheath their weapons .


Moments later the ground begins to shake and an eerie laughter fills the room echoing from multiple directions at once.


Suddenly out of the darkness appears a beholder! But this one seems different then the rest and the reason for the cacophony of laughter becomes apparent as the behold spins revealing that this beholder has not one large eye but 3!


Surprises like this and other random stats can bring a stark change of pace and keep your party on their toes from and perhaps move them from the standard path of the murder hobo.




And in an effort to help DM’s maintain their sanity as they p build these encounters

The Metamorphica by Red Box Vancouver can be a fantastic resource for any aspiring DM regardless of the game they are playing


This Fantastic tool is currently being offered HERE.


Also there is a Revised edition can be had for a mere $10 US.  

It features the following and can be found HERE.


Take a moment and support the folks over at DrivethruRPG and Red Box Vancouver this is definitely one tool that you do not want to be without.


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